vintage inspired jewelry

vintage inspired jewelry

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update your look with vintage-inspired jewelry

vintage inspired jewelry by jasmineandmagnolia

jasmine&magnolia vintage inspired jewelry specializes in sexy and sophisticated pieces to make every woman feel beautiful at work, home or out on the town. made from high-quality materials, jasmine&magnolia vintage inspired jewelry is designed to make you feel flirty and feminine far into the future. jasmine&magnolia vintage inspired jewelry: sexy, stylish and sophisticated.

jasmine&magnolia specializes in:

  • gold plated earrings
  • silver plated earrings
  • rhodium plated earrings
  • gold plated necklaces
  • silver plated necklaces
  • rhodium plated necklaces
  • sterling silver rings
  • precious gem bracelets
  • fashion earrings
  • trendy necklaces
  • chic bracelets

most of our designs are made to order, so please allow two to three weeks for delivery. should you require faster service, please email us directly.

vintage: noun - a period in which something was made or begun

inspired: adjective – having a particular cause or influence

jewelry: noun – decorative objects that people wear on their body

most jasmine&magnolia jewelry is made from high quality materials such as gold plate, silver plate, rhodium plate, sterling silver and / or precious gems. these pieces are meant for wear many years into the future. we also offer fashion jewelry at lower prices for seasonal wear.

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